Membership article - WNIPA while ago I was asked to write an article on membership models for What’s New In Publishing. The brief was to include a case study and focus on how this business strategy might work for magazine publishers. Having written about this in my latest book, Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing, and advised a few of my clients to take this route, I had plenty of material to draw on.

While my article, When should a publisher adopt a membership model, mostly focuses on successful examples, this post will outline why the membership model is unlikely to work in the lifestyle sector. Continue reading


slide1My latest post ­– a narrated slideshow on the 7 Pillars of creating great content – has a more interactive feel. Some points are obvious, but usually forgotten. Others, not so much.

Living in a world with vast streams of content covering every perceivable subject, it is crucial to make sure that all editorial created has a real value. It must be relevant to those reading it. So it’s time to steer away from those ‘fillers’, get more creative and stop relying on press releases. Continue reading

Boost your circulation: 6 questions to ask your audience

Blog post - 6 questions for your audienceHaving a continual dialogue with your audience is crucial – but how often do you ask poignant questions to boost your circulation?

Change is constant so it stands to reason that your readers’ habits, likes and dislikes are continually evolving too. That’s why regular surveys or focus groups are important.

Stagnation in a magazine can be dangerous – so keep talking to your audience. The more you find out the stronger your magazine will be.

Time to start working on an audience survey. First define your main objective, then decide on the priorities, but keep the survey short. Continue reading

Increase in teenage magazine sales

CIRCULATION figures recently released by ABC for magazines audited from January to June 2012 have shown some surprising results.

digital mag sales imagesSectors to report year-on-year circulation increases for consecutive periods include Teenage Lifestyle, which went up by 55%. This is surprising rise considering how many teens now have smart phones and tablets. How are publishers not converting these young readers into digital subscribers?

Other significant increases were Children’s Magazines: Pre-School, which rose by 11.9% and Women’s Slimming with a 10.5% rise in figures. Continue reading