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Sadly, it is the end of an era – NME aka New Musical Express has finally decided to cease its weekly print edition from today after 66 years.

While the magazine spent most of those years on the newsstands, in 2015 with circulation at an all-time low of 15,000, Time Inc. decided to move NME to a freemium model – an ad-funded free title. Although pitched as a strategy to widen audience participation, essentially the rationale was to cut newsstand distribution costs and boost ad revenue.

According to the BBC’s report, publishers Time Inc. said the decision to stop its print edition is “due to rising production costs and a tough advertising market”. Instead, it will be “focusing investment on further expanding NME’s digital audience”.

While the move did indeed expand distribution to 300,000 – it seems both core and potential new readers weren’t so keen to engage. Continue reading

Coming to a Small Screen Near You…

Look around you, right now. You may be sat at your desk, slouched on the couch, or en-route to somewhere special but the chances are you’re probably ‘consuming content’ on your smart phone, tablet or some such device. And those around you are probably at it as well. On my own daily grind I very rarely see anyone struggling with a broadsheet or flicking through a red-top any longer as the only papers commuters appear to read are Metro in the morning and The Standard in the evening. The common denominator is they’re both free.


So, it’ll come as no great Usain Bolt outta the blue, that newspaper circulation is plummeting. I’m sure we’re all aware of the sad demise of The Independent earlier this year and even Dear Rupert’s managing to only flog just over a million and a half daily copies of the builders’ favourite, The Sun, from a 2010 figure of double this. The Torygraph a similar 500k from almost 700k, and The Grauniad an astronomically worrying 166,500. Astronomically worrying as I’ve always taken The Guardian. And Private Eye. Obviously. Continue reading

Audience research dynamics

Audicence research dynamics

How to gather data the right way

Whether revamping an existing title or launching a new magazine getting to know your audience – and what they want – is crucial.

Yet more often than not publishers think they know what their readers want and spend a huge amount of their budget on research to prove it. However, data gathered during reader surveys is often flawed because the relevant key questions haven’t been asked. Continue reading

Micro-payments: The unsolvable problem solved

Micro-payments: The unsolvable problem


Imagine if newsagents had to sell single articles? An unlikely scenario as it makes neither practical nor financial sense for anyone concerned – journalists, publishers, newsagents or the consumers.

Online however, this granular sales model makes total sense, yet an option for casual, micro-payment, often referred to as the Holy Grail for both internet entrepreneur and online publisher alike, has remained elusive.

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