BusStrategiesForMagPub_PBFor the past five years The MAGAZINE EXPERT – Mary Hogarth – has worked with magazine publishers and editors wanting to grow their expertise, publications or engage with their audience on a deeper level.

One of her latest books, Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing, explores tactics for creating financially sustainable publications in the 21st Century. Using her extensive expertise, Mary cites actual case studies and analyses the historical development of the magazine industry to illustrate how different publishing strategies work.

Taking a bespoke approach

Projects undertaken by The MAGAZINE EXPERT include both national and local publications – with key aspects focusing a variety of magazine publishing issues from revenue streams to audience engagement including:

  • Publishers looking to expand/relaunch, enhance revenue streams or launch a new digital/print concept
  • Charities, companies, individuals or educators looking to develop a magazine
  • Publishers seeking to improve audience engagement and expand circulation
  • Executives aiming to increase advertising sales and revamp media kits
  • Editorial teams looking to enhance their skills across print, online and digital
  • Editors/writers seeking to enrich their professional development.

All consultancy projects are individually tailored to the client’s needs and desired outcomes to deliver the right solutions. Whether you are looking to develop a new title, relaunch an existing publication or just want to evolve, Mary will take a bespoke, creative and individual approach – bringing a high level of expertise, experience together with a unique perspective as testified by her clients.

To learn more about Mary from her clients’ perspective visit client testimonials

F249B496-A953-4D66-96E2-055CF4162C78Miriam Phillips, publisher and founder of Bright Daisy Publishing Ltd says: I will forever be grateful for meeting Mary and bringing her on board as a consultant to advise after starting up my publishing company. Mary has a great deal of editorial experience, expertise and insight into the publishing industry and her support and advice has been immensely helpful.
Not only has Mary helped us move from a free magazine to a paid for but she has helped grow our business in lots of other ways. I hope to keep learning from Mary as the business progresses.