Business Strategies For Magazine Publishing, Routledge – publication date early 2018

Combining theory and practice Magazine Business Strategies for Publishing is aimed at under and postgraduate journalism students, as well as those who wish to gain an insight from a business perspective.


Writing Feature Articles, Routledge – publication date scheduled for autumn, 2018

How to Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age (Bloomsbury 2014) is for those with a brilliant idea. Already proving a great success, the text is available in paperback for £17.99 and as an eBook (£14.99) from Bloomsbury or Amazon.


Available on Amazon

But brilliant ideas need to be carefully researched before being turned into viable concepts. Whether it’s a business venture, charity initiative, student project or a concept that has evolved – as many do – at the kitchen table, my book will guide you through the essentials.

From research and planning to production and distribution, plus there’s even a format for writing a business plan. Other features include:

  • Practical action points and checklists
  • Great resources and advice
  • Realistic timescales for producing a digital/print magazine
  • Plus at the end of each chapter leading experts offer their insights and experience.

This book is aimed at those wanting to develop a new title to add to an existing portfolio of magazines, or as a new business venture, charity initiative or student project.

Read an extract: Taken from Chapter 6 – Branding and editorial concepts


alexander-shulman-interview-inpubs-sept16_page_1InPublishing (Sept 2016): Alexandra Shulman interview
It’s a big year for Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of Vogue – marking the title’s centenary and publishing her book to celebrate 25 years as editor. Alexandra talks to Mary Hogarth about her editorship and why the beloved print magazines will not die.

Keeping Innovation affordable - InPub Jun16_Hogarth_ii_Page_1InPublishing (June 2016): Keeping Innovation Affordable
Diversity in publishing is essential for survival. Mary Hogarth takes a look at List for Life – an innovative new title to emerge from Time Inc’s Innovation Lab.

InPublishing (Jan 2016): Rewarded for digital innovationRewarded for Digital innovation Jan-Feb16_Page_1
Simon Collis talks to Mary Hogarth about winning the BSME Digital Editor of the Year (Consumer) award in November and reveals the key to achieving 2.5m unique users.

Diane Kenwood Interview -InPublishing Sept 2015.p4pInPublishing (Sept 2015): Diane Kenwood interview
While many lifestyle magazines are struggling, Woman’s Weekly editor, Diane Kenwood, says her title is thriving. Her secret? As she tells Mary Hogarth, it’s all down to knowing the readers and engaging them with great brand services and activities that make a profit.