Below are details of my publications including chapter contributions and latest books covering all aspects of magazine publishing to help you grow your business, widen audience participation and enhance editorial strategies.

BOOK CHAPTER: Hogarth, M. Sustainability in Specialist Publishing. In Homes, T., ed. (Trans)forming Magazines: Rethinking The Medium In The Digital Age. Cambridge Scholars Publishing published July 2022.

*Writing Feature Articles - cover

Writing Feature Articles presents clear and engaging advice for students, young professionals and editors aiming to enhance the professional development of their editorial teams.
This comprehensive edition covers producing content for print, digital and online platforms.  It offers essential guidance on every aspect feature writing, from having the initial idea and conducting market and subject research, to choosing the right target audience and publishing platform and successfully pitching the article.

A rich resource, full of gold-plated advice for any budding feature writer. It covers everything you need to know – getting ideas, finding the right audience, pitching, researching and structuring an article and is packed with anecdotes and case studies from successful working journalists. Invaluable not just for would-be feature writers but experienced freelancers. Dr Barbara Rowlands, Associate Professor of Journalism and Hon Research Fellow, City, University of London


Business Strategies For Magazine Publishing explores tactics for creating financially sustainable publications in the 21st Century.
It examines the wide-ranging impact of digital technology on how magazine content is consumed, revealing the dramatic consequences for advertising, distribution and marketing strategies. Traditional business models are evaluated alongside new online approaches.
In addition, in-depth interviews with high-profile industry figureheads and magazine editors, such as Jessica Strawser of Writer’s Digest and former Good Housekeeping Editorial Director Lindsay Nicholson, offer readers an insight into how to produce and monetise online content. These interviews appear alongside action plans that give readers the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice.
To find out more read the author interview and access a sample chapter visit my Featured Author page at Routledge.

How to Launch cover

How to Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age (Bloomsbury 2014) is for those with a brilliant idea. Already proving a great success, the text is available in paperback for £17.99 and as an eBook (£14.99) from Bloomsbury or Amazon.
But brilliant ideas need to be carefully researched before being turned into viable concepts. Whether it’s a business venture, charity initiative, student project or a concept that has evolved – as many do – at the kitchen table, my book will guide you through the essentials.
From research and planning to production and distribution, plus there’s even a format for writing a business plan. This book is aimed at those wanting to develop a new title to add to an existing portfolio of magazines, or as a new business venture, charity initiative or student project.
Read an extract: Taken from Chapter 6 – Branding and editorial concepts