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Media specialist, educator, writer and speaker, Mary Hogarth has facilitated sessions at the International Magazine Centre’s Hive sessions and serves as a member of the Mapping the Magazine organisation and scientific committee.
She has also spoken at prestigious events, including the PPA Leadership Summit and Mapping The Magazine – an international series of conferences exploring magazine publishing.
In addition to talks for professional bodies, media specialists and business owners, Mary is an established speaker on the academic circuit – have lectured at institutions in the UK and US. She also chaired an alumni employability conference at Solent University.

Mapping The Magazine 7 (Online, July 2022)
Presented a paper on A thriving magazine community: an analysis of Country Walking Magazine, which examines how the title has built a robust value proposition including nearly 40,000 print and digital subscribers.  

PPA Leadership Summit (April 2021)
Community first – building a recurring revenue economy. In conversation with Guy Proctor, Editor of Country Walking magazine, exploring the critical impact of a recent campaign that drove significant community growth for the Bauer brand, as well as the success of its recently launched membership model.

Mapping The Magazine 6 (online, July 2020)
Presented a paper on Sustainability in Specialist Publishing: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of a British and American Writing Magazine.

Edinburgh International Magazine Festival (Sept 2019)
Conference hosted by the AJE at Edinburgh Napier University
Presented a paper on Why 360-degree features are core skills for tomorrow’s journalist.

Mapping The Magazine 5 (July 2018) hosted by Columbia College, Chicago
Presented a paper on Lessons from the past: What can we learn from those early pioneers?

Alumni Conference, Solent University (2015)
Organised and chaired the Magazine Journalism Graduate Conference day with industry and alumni guests, which included a networking lunch.