to become successful, profitable and sustainable

Mary - b&WThe MAGAZINE EXPERT – brainchild of Mary Hogarth – is the professional consultancy to help your publication develop, monetise and evolve across print, digital and online platforms.

With more than 20 years industry experience in editorial, branding and publishing, Mary’s expertise covers all aspects of magazine publishing – from editorial and online strategies to revenue streams, business development and brand extensions.

Mary is the consultant to call if you:

technology-792180_1920* Have a great idea for a new magazine

* Want to relaunch an existing title

* Need to increase audience engagement and grow circulation

* Build stronger revenue streams and increase ROI

* Develop new brand extensions

* Evaluate existing business strategies

Whether you are a publisher or an editor thinking about creating a new title to add to your existing stable Mary has the expertise to help. For more details on the services offered – visit the Professional Consultancy page.


signpost-social-media-keywordsDo you opt for digital with content spread across online and social media platforms? Or should you take a 360-degree approach putting content in print, online and social media platforms plus as a digital product?

The answer depends on your product – and how your audience is likely to consume the content. Each new editorial concept will have its unique requirements depending on those factors.

This is where seeking professional advice from a magazine consultant or media specialist such as The MAGAZINE EXPERT can help.

Consumption of content and how to make money from it will be among the topics covered in Mary’s blog. Plus there will be posts on developing practical magazine business strategies, the value of expanding brand extensions, enhancing editorial content – as well as tips for creating a new publication or relaunching an existing title.