Welcome to The MAGAZINE EXPERT – founded by Mary Hogarth – is a professional consultancy with a proven track record in helping publishers develop, monetise and evolve across print, digital and online platforms.

Not only has Mary helped us move from a free magazine to a paid for but she has helped grow our business in lots of other ways. Miriam Phillips, publisher and founder of Bright Daisy Publishing Ltd

technology-792180_1920With more than 20 years of industry experience, Mary’s expertise covers all aspects of magazines – from editorial, digital and online strategies to audience engagement, revenue streams, business development and brand extensions.

All projects are individually tailored to deliver bespoke solutions. Mary is the consultant to call if you:

  • Have a great idea for a new magazine or want to relaunch an existing title
  • Need to gather in-depth audience intelligence to evaluate engagement, grow circulation and increase your value proposition
  • Want to build more revenue streams and increase ROI
  • Are considering developing new brand extensions
  • Would like to assess your current business strategies and market position

Whatever your need – Mary has the expertise to help. For more details go to the Professional Consultancy page.