Why Future is forging ahead

Last week I interviewed Chris Convey, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Future’s B2B portfolio, who led on its core acquisition’s strategy.

In the past few years, following a restructure, Future plc has seen phenomenal growth from acquisitions and through an expansion of their current portfolio. But why has this media giant now forged ahead when others are struggling?

Gaining new territories is undoubtedly a factor. But from my perspective, this is about innovation and taking an inclusive approach with regards to acquisitions.

According to Chris, being humble and not assuming your working practices are better is a vital part of the process. “It is about recognising that you don’t always know best. Taking the opportunity to learn and moving forward with the best of the best.”

Fundamentally business is as much about people as it is about commerce. This is particularly true in publishing both in terms of staff and audiences.

Encouraging innovation and fulfilling the needs of their consumers is a critical part of Future’s forward vision. In my opinion, it is that multi-channel audience-centric focus – allowing the audience to interact regardless of how they choose to do that – could well set them apart from competitors.

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