Solving the publishing crisis: innovation is critical

I always enjoy talking to editors and publishers who offer a real insight into their publication and its achievements. So when the opportunity came, I was delighted to interview Guy Procter, editor of Country Walking, for the Nov/Dec issue of InPublishing.

Having previously interviewed Guy during the PPA Leadership Summit (April 2021) on the challenges of building a  recurring revenue economy, I was keen to follow up.

There were many questions – had his #Walk1000miles campaign levelled off? And what was the story with subscriptions now the pandemic had waned?

In a frank interview, Guy surprised me with how much he and his team have achieved at a time when many retreated. Determination, innovation and a can-do attitude are key factors in his success.

Nothing stays the same in life or business, so evolving and problem-solving are critical skills, as Guy demonstrated when he revealed how partnerships can solve the ad revenue crisis and why Bauer is embracing memberships after trialling a successful pilot scheme.

Successful membership strategies

Following Country Walking’s thriving membership Bauer has now decided to roll out the strategy across its provision.

As many of you know, I have long advocated for membership as I believe it is the way forward for many publications, particularly in the B2B and specialist sectors. But as I’ve told many clients, one size does not fit all in terms of membership.

Before implementing a membership strategy, it is essential to get expert advice, test the market, and offer a strong value proposition.

In such circumstances, I also advise adopting an audience’s perspective. So, the question is: why should readers become members? Value is – of course – critical, but the offering must also be simple and clearly explained.

Are you thinking of moving from subscriptions to membership and want to build your community? Do get in touch to talk through those tricky first steps.

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