Guest lecture at Napier

Below is a video of my lecture to Masters students on the International Journalism for Media Professionals and also those taking MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. The theme was how to develop a successful magazine concept. Here are my five essential takeaways from the session: Spend time developing an in-depth business plan Don’t skimpContinue reading “Guest lecture at Napier”

Tucked scoops best new concept in 2015 Magazine Academy Awards

Every year students from PPA accredited BA and MA courses compete for the Best Original Concept category in the Magazine Academy Awards. This year my former Magazine Business students scooped first prize with Tucked.
4 Reasons Tucked was successful

Ones to watch – new magazine launches this month

According to TMB Weekly so far this year there have been 95 new title launches against 90 magazine closures – proof that despite of uncertainty in the market publishers are prepared to take a risk on a good idea. Here’s a round up of new magazines launched this month with TME’s (themagazineexpert) verdict on whichContinue reading “Ones to watch – new magazine launches this month”

Magazine launch strategies: getting your marketing right

Launching a new title is often fraught with conflicting advice on how much to spend on the marketing budget. It’s about getting the balance right. Spend too little and risk failure, but an overspend is likely to result in insufficient returns on your investment. So how do you develop a strong marketing campaign, which will produceContinue reading “Magazine launch strategies: getting your marketing right”

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