Revenue streams

Improve your media kit: 7 ways to get higher advertising sales

Revamp your media kit and sell advertsMedia kits either make a big first impression or flatline so it’s essential to get it right to achieve higher advertising sales.

If your ad sales are lower than they should be then it’s time to scrutinize your media kit.

Why? Because like a an amazing photograph a great media kit is worth a thousand words.

It’s not just about showing strong circulation figures, audience demographics and offering competitive ad rates.

It’s about creating trust. Continue reading “Improve your media kit: 7 ways to get higher advertising sales”

New titles & relaunches

Ones to watch – new magazine launches this month

Astro Now Sat Spl - cover Classic Sailor Oct15 - Cover Disney C&S Villains Spl - Cover1

According to TMB Weekly so far this year there have been 95 new title launches against 90 magazine closures – proof that despite of uncertainty in the market publishers are prepared to take a risk on a good idea.

Here’s a round up of new magazines launched this month with TME’s (themagazineexpert) verdict on which have potential. Continue reading “Ones to watch – new magazine launches this month”

Revenue streams

Publishers need more than a magazine to make money

BRANDING WORD ARTInitially most magazines followed a basic business model with the majority of income derived from advertising, subscriptions and newsstand sales.

A combination of developing technology plus a slump in advertising sales meant titles either had to evolve to secure additional revenue streams or close.

The result was the birth of the ‘brand’ followed by brand extensions.

Before an extension can be established the brand has to be defined. But what makes a magazine a brand? Mostly it’s about consistency and trust. It is a combination of a concept, promise or benefit, strong house-style and consistency across all its associated products. To gain, engage and keep an audience, readers not only have to like a product, but trust it too. Continue reading “Publishers need more than a magazine to make money”