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Improve your media kit: 7 ways to get higher advertising sales

Revamp your media kit and sell advertsMedia kits either make a big first impression or flatline so it’s essential to get it right to achieve higher advertising sales.

If your ad sales are lower than they should be then it’s time to scrutinize your media kit.

Why? Because like a an amazing photograph a great media kit is worth a thousand words.

It’s not just about showing strong circulation figures, audience demographics and offering competitive ad rates.

It’s about creating trust.

Potential ad buyers must believe in your brand before deciding that your magazine is the best platform for their advert.

So here are my top tips for developing a great media kit guaranteed to boost your sales.

7 tips for a great media kit

  1. Consistent identity – the media kit must reflect your brand identity. It’s selling your magazine therefore must follow a similar format.
  2. Relevant content – include essential must-know information such as editorial pillars and full audience demographics to sell your title.
  3. Give examples – include covers and editorial spreads from relevant articles.
  4. Less text – imagination is key. Avoid taking a text heavy approach, instead use graphs and infographics to relay key facts or figures.
  5. Be clear – include advertising options such as online digital and print. Don’t forget the specs for adverts.
  6. Update regularly – refresh magazine covers every couple of months.
  7. Demonstrate value – do use quotes from other advertisers who love your magazine.

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