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What can we learn from 2015 and how will those lessons shape 2016?

Lessons for 2016Having read lots of articles/posts last month summing up 2015 I have identified the following four key trends that publishers should explore.

  • Go local: Global is going local – and it’s a thriving market. Supermarkets realized a few years ago that people like to interact with their community, whether they are in London or a small village in the Peak District.
    As a result more are seeking out locally-sourced food and going to those small independent shops in their towns. But how does this relate to publishing?
    Well it’s about numbers and the fact that audiences are beginning to realize the value of a good, local magazine.
    So instead of developing more lifestyle or specialist titles (has anyone counted the number of cycling mags recently?) perhaps publishers should focus more on communities and explore how they can invest in local initiatives.
    I have recently been fortunate to work with a client who has successfully launched a local magazine. Not a basic free-sheet advertorial vehicle, but a carefully crafted publication with great content and solid advertising figures to support it.
    What makes it work is that the publisher focuses on the community by putting it first before profit – and that gives the magazine heart.
    So what can you do differently this year that will give your product a soul?

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