4 Reasons why print magazines rule

Slide1For years now many CEOs and key influencers have been saying the print issue will soon be dead. Now there is fresh concern with the news that the Independent will cease printing and go digital next month.

So should publishers rethink their print contingent?

No – and here’s 4 reasons why not.

  1. Advertisers like print. It provides them with an opportunity to target a high circulation – without their ads being blocked. A stronger advertising sales strategy to boost cashflow would be better than losing a print edition.
  2. Magazines as part of a package. Publishers need to think in terms of a 3600 strategy when it comes to content because digital and online should enhance print – not steer the audience away from it.
  3. A demand for print. While many of us consume our news online the majority still love a print edition. Why? Because no matter what – the loss of an Internet connection, a phone/tablet running out of battery or your laptop crashing – a print edition is always there, waiting to be read. And who doesn’t still savor the look and feel of an articulately designed publication?
  4. Added value. It’s not just advertisers who demand more for their money. Readers want more too. But the key here is finding out what they do want and how they are likely to consume that content. Some publishers make the mistake of overload online instead of providing intelligent, thoughtful content that has a purpose.

Of course there are always financial implications to providing the 360 degree package of quality material, creatively delivered. But instead of looking to make savings, shouldn’t we ask: ‘how can we make great publishing pay?’

Published by Mary Hogarth

With nearly 20 years industry experience in editorial, branding and publishing, Mary Hogarth is the consultant to call if you are thinking of setting up a new magazine or eNewsletter, relaunching a title or just need advice on best practice. Author of How To Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age, Mary's extensive experience and unique approach will help you transform your project into a viable and sustainable concept.

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