Book launch at Southampton Solent University

DSC_1176Colleagues from the School of Communications & Writing at Southampton Solent University gather for book launch.

Great joint launch party last night at  for How To Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age. The event was shared with colleagues Steve Hill and Paul Lashmar with their recently published book Online Journalism.Continue reading “Book launch at Southampton Solent University”

Could digital revitalise magazine ad sales?

iPad 5THE launch of Apple’s latest iPhone, iPad and Mini iPad has opened up more opportunities for digital publishers.

With faster processing speeds and retina display these devices have the potential to offer magazine readers a richer user experience – if the publisher gets the content right. But what impact will it have on magazine adverts and does it have the potential to increase revenue through digital ads?

Continue reading “Could digital revitalise magazine ad sales?”

Condé Nast’s deal with Amazon

Amazon conde nastCONDÉ NAST has announced it is going into partnership with Amazon. The Internet retailer will handle print and digital subscriptions for Condé Nast’s stable of glossy titles such as Vogue, Wired and Vanity Fair.

Consumers will be able to buy, manage and renew their magazine subscriptions under a new “all access” plan for both print and digital editions using their Amazon account.Continue reading “Condé Nast’s deal with Amazon”

Sillitoe to edit new retail magazine

mobile_versionEssential Retail is a new trade e-magazine launched by Legend Exhibitions in association with the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE).

Ben Sillitoe – an experienced B2B journalist and founding editor of Retail Gazette – will edit the new the e-magazine  aimed at the time-pressured, providing unique news, advice, tips and inspiring content. More details from at:

Good news for digital editions

ABC’s latest release of digital sales (audited between January and June 2012) revealed that sales of paid-for digital editions increased by 92%.

Sales figures from the 60 titles, which opted to report their digital edition sales, totaled 185,210. An overall increase of 92% compared with the previous period. When considered as an average copy sales per title basis, this represents a period-on-period increase of 226% – demonstrating a significant growth.ABC’s January to June 2012 ABC release also coincides with ABC’s first-ever Digital Publications Certificate, which enables publishers to give advertisers access to a verified audience circulation figure for digital publications that do not fall within the current ABC digital editions rules.

Now advertisers can see proven digital circulation figures, will they be persuaded to invest as much in this area as they do in print?

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