Tucked scoops best new concept in 2015 Magazine Academy Awards

#Team Tucked – Alice Freeman; Josie Tague, Aiden Dalby and Iga Kozakiewicz-SchlegelEvery year students from PPA accredited BA and MA courses compete for the Best Original Concept category in the Magazine Academy Awards. This year my former Magazine Business students scooped first prize with Tucked.

In an age where there is a magazine for everything, it would seem near on impossible to come up with an original concept in an untapped market. But that is exactly what these students achieved with Tucked – winner of this year’s Magazine Academy Awards – aimed at the LGBTQ demographic.

It is a concept that emerged from a course assignment whereby Magazine Journalism students working in groups of three or four had to come up with an idea for a new magazine, plus develop a pilot issue and media kit.

To increase student engagement there was the added bonus that the best concept would be submitted into the Magazine Academy Awards.Continue reading “Tucked scoops best new concept in 2015 Magazine Academy Awards”

Improve your media kit: 7 ways to get higher advertising sales

Revamp your media kit and sell advertsMedia kits either make a big first impression or flatline so it’s essential to get it right to achieve higher advertising sales.

If your ad sales are lower than they should be then it’s time to scrutinize your media kit.

Why? Because like a an amazing photograph a great media kit is worth a thousand words.

It’s not just about showing strong circulation figures, audience demographics and offering competitive ad rates.

It’s about creating trust. Continue reading “Improve your media kit: 7 ways to get higher advertising sales”

Deputy takes over as editor at Railway Magazine

Railway MagHaving recently become the longest-serving editor in The RAILWAY Magazine’s 117-year history, Nick Pigott has left the title.

Nick’s former deputy, Chris Milner, has now stepped up into the role and is relishing the challenge of building on Nick’s record-breaking run.

Nick has steered the title to unprecedented heights in recent years with growth in sales and subscriptions and in the sort of sporting parlance he’d use, he’s leaving with the league title and cup in the trophy cabinet,” said Tim Hartley, publisher of the railway portfolio at Mortons Media Group.Continue reading “Deputy takes over as editor at Railway Magazine”

Ones to watch – new magazine launches this month

Astro Now Sat Spl - cover Classic Sailor Oct15 - Cover Disney C&S Villains Spl - Cover1

According to TMB Weekly so far this year there have been 95 new title launches against 90 magazine closures – proof that despite of uncertainty in the market publishers are prepared to take a risk on a good idea.

Here’s a round up of new magazines launched this month with TME’s (themagazineexpert) verdict on which have potential.Continue reading “Ones to watch – new magazine launches this month”

How to use infographics for your small publication

Infographic piece1By Guest blogger, Emily Johnson

Infographics have become more and more popular and the reason is obvious – scholars claim people remember around 80% of what they see and do. HubSpot knows that it is a real power of visual perception.

Good infographics can help both you (with your small publication promotion) and your audience. There are several ways infographics can help your small publication rock.

Inspired by OmniPapers we are happy to share useful ideas on using infographics and reveal key benefits of it.

Why use infographics?

Today’s 24/7 culture means that many people are time-poor. They don’t have time to read long articles online. so content needs to be short and iconic – engaging the user with valuable data so they can learn useful ideas, get tips, and pieces of advice.Continue reading “How to use infographics for your small publication”

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