Sadly, it is the end of an era – NME aka New Musical Express has finally decided to cease its weekly print edition from today after 66 years.


Look around you, right now. You may be sat at your desk, slouched on the couch, or en-route to somewhere special but the chances are you’re probably ‘consuming content’ on your smart phone, tablet or some such device. And those around you are probably at it as well. On my own daily grind I very […]
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My latest post ­– in the form of a narrated slideshow – has a more interactive feel. Some points are obvious, but usually forgotten. Others, not so much.

Audience research dynamics

How to gather data the right way Whether revamping an existing title or launching a new magazine getting to know your audience – and what they want – is crucial. Yet more often than not publishers think they know what their readers want and spend a huge amount of their budget on research to prove […]
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Micro-payments: The unsolvable problem solved

Micro-payments: The unsolvable problem Imagine if newsagents had to sell single articles? An unlikely scenario as it makes neither practical nor financial sense for anyone concerned – journalists, publishers, newsagents or the consumers. Online however, this granular sales model makes total sense, yet an option for casual, micro-payment, often referred to as the Holy Grail […]
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4 Reasons why print magazines rule

For years now many CEOs and key influencers have been saying the print issue will soon be dead. Now there is fresh concern with the news that the Independent will cease printing and go digital next month. So should publishers rethink their print contingent? No – and here’s 4 reasons why not.

What can we learn from 2015 and how will those lessons shape 2016?

Having read lots of articles/posts last month summing up 2015 I have identified the following four key trends that publishers should explore. Go local: Global is going local – and it’s a thriving market. Supermarkets realized a few years ago that people like to interact with their community, whether they are in London or a […]
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Tucked scoops best new concept in 2015 Magazine Academy Awards

Every year students from PPA accredited BA and MA courses compete for the Best Original Concept category in the Magazine Academy Awards. This year my former Magazine Business students scooped first prize with Tucked.
4 Reasons Tucked was successful

Improve your media kit: 7 ways to get higher advertising sales

Media kits either make a big first impression or flatline so it’s essential to get it right to achieve higher advertising sales. If your ad sales are lower than they should be then it’s time to scrutinize your media kit. Why? Because like a an amazing photograph a great media kit is worth a thousand […]
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Deputy takes over as editor at Railway Magazine

Having recently become the longest-serving editor in The RAILWAY Magazine’s 117-year history, Nick Pigott has left the title. Nick’s former deputy, Chris Milner, has now stepped up into the role and is relishing the challenge of building on Nick’s record-breaking run. “Nick has steered the title to unprecedented heights in recent years with growth in […]
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